Trying to raise money? Here are real world examples for you from – AVC

Read this article and felt it was very helpful clarifying when startups should pursue funds and what each round means to you. The end is gold in my opinion where they breakout where recent startups converted to these rounds.

As someone who advises many startups, I can’t stress the importance of this enough and the need to realize – sometimes you just have to work very hard first and then get funds!

A highlight of my favorite section is below:

Delicious – Joshua Schachter had built Delicious working nights and weekends, launched it, got traction, and needed $1mm to leave his day job, start a company, hire some people, and scale the product.

Tumblr – David Karp and Marco Arment built Tumblr while doing consulting to others. Tumblr took off and they needed to stop doing consulting work so the two of them could focus 100% of their time on Tumblr. Spark and USV each invested $300k to help them do that.

Etsy – Rob, Haim, and Chris built Etsy themselves, launched it, and were scaling the business. They had raised a little money from two local entrepreneurs but they needed more to keep Etsy growing. We participated in a $600k seed round to help them do that.

via More On Seed Rounds – AVC.


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Great Walk of New Zealand: Mt. Ngauruhoe & Mt Tongariro ultra running (full circuit ~ 45km)

New Zealand has 9 defined “great walks” that cover beautiful areas across the country’s two islands. These are each recommended for 2-5 days a piece. I got the idea to run 1 of them in a day. I was inspired, that this was possible, upon discovering of a group doing all 9 in 9 days. Let me share though that I did not randomly decide to do this run – which ended up being 48 kilometers across 10 hours unsupported in some pretty extreme winter conditions. I just recently ran the Grand Canyon in the U.S. (Rim to Rim to Rim) which was 45 miles in a day; I completed an Ironman the month prior, and I train heavily with CrossFit 6 times a week + add a few other disciplines during the week. This is not a run to be taken lightly and you must physically prepare as well as have the right gear. You are alone out there, that is the point. So act responsibly, respect the area, and the mountains.

It took me a while to gather enough info to be comfortable, and so I am sharing these links to help others in planning their trips to hike it, or even possibly to run it too.

Great Walk of New Zealand: Mt. Ngauruhoe & Mt Tongariro ultra running (full circuit ~ 45km) links that were helpful:

General Info (first stop):


Other maps/general details:


Shuttle service if interested in just Alpine Crossing:

Video of crazy coconuts running all 9 Great Walks in 9 days (World record holders as of Nov 20th 2014!!):

Great Barrier reef:

The following websites were helpful to me in planning my Great Barrier Reef adventure:


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Coffee in Cairns – go to ‘Shop 3’

Nov 17, 2014: After an awesome day yesterday I started my day at “Shop 3” Shop 3 Coffee & Tea – Cairns, Cairns coffee shop. Best coffee I have had yet in Australia. Single sourced beans done in an Air Roaster. They had two types of beans, strong and sweet. I had the strong in an Almond latte, and it was perfect.

The shop is small and run by a great couple. Wifi available and take away if needing to catch a boat for diving!

Espresso was pulled just right and not bitter. The milk was heated patiently which resulted in a very crisp bit of foam work.

There are many good places, but this couple’s shop was worth it.

Happy adventuring,





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Sydney Harbor

Nov 21, 2014: Today was a work day, but I had a chance to wander around before sunset. Today being Friday the night markets were open with fresh food to pick and choose. Also, the Opera House was looking great. I walked on the bridge, but thought the climb to the top of the arch for roughly $230 was too much. Money not being an option I definitely would have done it.

Also I would recommend taking out a sail boat. The wind is nothing but constant and the fleets nearby look to be in great shape. What better way to see the Harbor and enjoy the sites, then being a part of it!



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Great Ocean Road touring – Victoria, Australia

Things to do:

  1. Bay of Islands
  2. “The Grotto” with a window view of the sea
  3. Loch Ard Gorge – check out each section as there is a series of interesting areas
  4. 12 Apostles – classic and beautiful
  5. Gibsons Steps (right after the 12 apostles going east) – a must for those willing to walk down the stairs as the perspective was very pleasant
  6. Koala Bears! As you head closer to the light house point you’ll see many gum trees, and this is where you will find them. I pulled off the main road and navigated without really a plan and found a dozen plus

Be sure to have some snacks and drinks in the car as there isn’t much to grab on the coast. The total adventure for me was 9am – 6pm. I ended in city center of Melbourne. This was with a lot of stops to take pictures and enjoy.

I grabbed lunch at a cafe that I happened to come across around 1pm and a nice coffee shop later around 4. Just go and enjoy – no plan required other than enjoying yourself!




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Great breakfast spot in Warrnombool, Australia

Nov 23, 2014: My random walk had me stumple across “fishtales cafe” and after I spotted all the cyclists I was sold. There were a number of outdoor tables and locals traffic was in full speed. The menu prices and variety were great.

I ordered scrambled eggs w/ salmon (pretty much a staple at this point) a side of mixed veggies and gluten free toast. I also added a latte that was smooth and balanced. The breakfast was GREAT! The veggies were very good and the serving size of everything was generous. Absolutely what I needed!


dIf you are in town, give it a try

Gotta love the cyclists, they know how to eat 🙂



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Trail running at the Grampions National Park

I was able to drive to the National Park from Melbourne today. The drive became more pleasant as it went on and the scenery improved. I had a nice little lunch in Barratt and made it to the trails by 4:30 (I left the airport about 12:45.

The vistor center was very helpful and should be a first stop. They told me what sections were closed due to fire; what the routes were like, and even helped map out a path to maximize my experience. Though it did take a few reassurances and examples that yes, I really did want 10+km. Based on their information I parked at the tennis courts next to the gardens.

Grampion Trails and my day

First off, the trails are definitely fine for running. Lots of rock “steps” and some loose rocks in occassional places, but really quite manageable. I followed a route starting at the gardens and then following the highlighted areas. The Pinnacle was my favorite, but I also enjoyed the view from Sun Dial. The trails between the Sun Dial Carpark and Sun dial were wide and easy. The tracks from Sun Dial down to the lake were more varied and harder to run at points. This section of the trail had a lot of fern covered track on a steep decline and then it opened to a jeep road. What was nice on the run down towards the back was I saw 2 Kanagroos and a character that looked like a porcupine but was in fact an echidnas.


The run should have taken around 3 hours for the total 15k, but my hamstring got mad at the halfway point and forced a march to happen for a good part which resulted in a 4 hour and 15 minute time on the mountain. I was very glad to have had my ultraspire titan on, as I ate all my food and every drop of water before the time was done.

Note: There was no water on the trail, even at the car parks

I was done after sunset and fortunately had left a wrap (purchased at lunch) to eat when I finished. (this was key given the late hour most things were wrapping up and where I was going all would be closed upon arrival.) I then had to drive to the coast for my spontaneous AirBnB beach house at Warrnambool. Lets just say – holy crap what a crazy drive. The kanagaroos, rabbits, and even loveable koala bear (with a baby on its back) were out crossing the roads in the near pitch black. I had to swerve numerous times to miss them. Honestly I saw at least 15 kangaroos at the edge of the lane or crossing on my drive. In some parts you are really in the middle of nowhere – at one point I went 60 kilometers without seeing another car or much of anything.

Best to finish next time before sundown and not have any part of that noctural party.



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