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How Open Source Projects Survive Poisonous People (And You Can Too)

Another interesting video from the Google folks.  A worthy video of anyone’s time who works in groups, but more so those who deal with rolling out projects.  Grab a cup of coffee, and enjoy… someday I will figure out how … Continue reading

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Apple iTV Desire

So, I have been a videophile for a longtime and greatly desire to have my digital media made available to my television. I have tried connecting my PC and my Mac to the televisions, and despite the functional usage it … Continue reading

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ING Half-Marathon

Yesterday, Sunday, Jill and I completed our second half-marathon.  The race was the ING Inaugural Georgia Marathon-Half-Marthon here in Atlanta GA.  Overall they did a great job, except for the lack of structure at the start.  The start was huge … Continue reading

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1/2 Marathon is here!

Here we go race fans… it is almost that day, and we are happy to be done training!  Below are some links and information about the event on Sunday. A map of the course – Google Maps mashed up with … Continue reading

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Crown Molding – Done!

This weekend we decided Crown Molding in the first floor bathroom would really enhance its look and feel.  It also made it consistent with the rest of the downstairs.  So, armed with YouTube, a few home improvements sites, a magazine, … Continue reading

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Stats on the Global Tech & World Evolution

A teacher at AHS put together a neat presentation to communicate the shift of growth in both technology and the world population. The presentation is online and super fast to go through, but the data points are very surprising and … Continue reading

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Moka Express

The other day, a special day, I received a cool gift from my sister. A Moka Express – specifically a Bialetti. In case you are unfamiliar with this classic stovetop espresso maker here is a small picture and wiki link. … Continue reading

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