Adventures with a MAC, Parallels, Bonjour

I have been enjoying my MacBook for nearly 8 months now and despite some initial hardware challenges (2 lemons, but Apple promptly switched them out in the first 15 days) life has been great.  One thing that I have been relying upon is the use of Parallels, the Mac virtual environment that allows me to run Windows while working in the Mac.

I had a recent rash of challenges trying to print through a USB device in Parallels, and till today was stuck.  The solution – Bonjour (Provided by Apple).  Here is the link to the discussion on Parallels on how to tweak it for your environment.

End of the day – simple, it works, and it is free – beautiful.


After-all – this is the whole point of the internet, share and save time through experiences and collaboration.


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One Response to Adventures with a MAC, Parallels, Bonjour

  1. Carl Moore says:


    I was not successful in getting through to my wireless printer using Bonjour. I finally was able to get the printer (HP C4280) to work by following the procedure suggested by iFelix ( with the following modifications:

    Hardware/software: MacBook Pro; OS X (10.5.5) Parallels 4.0 with Widows XP; AirPort network with printer (see above) connected to an AirPort Express.

    1. Using Finder/System Preferences/Sharing — make sure that printer sharing is enabled by checking the appropriate box.

    2. Next, Finder/Go/System Utilities — open AirPort Utility.App and determine the address of the wireless device connected to the wireless printer (in my case,

    3. Follow the iFelix procedure to set up a printer attached to an AirPort Extreme or AirPort Express, using the IP address you found in step 2.

    I’m passing this on in case anyone else has a similar problem.


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