Apple iTV Desire

So, I have been a videophile for a longtime and greatly desire to have my digital media made available to my television. I have tried connecting my PC and my Mac to the televisions, and despite the functional usage it is not elegant nor likely to last given the extreme manual effort (and the incredible overkill of using a $$$ multi-gigabyte and multi-processor machine) to do what a $50 dvd player from WaloMart.

Apple iTV is close to being the perfect solution except for two concerns – 720p is a bit weak in quality for my movie playing enjoyment, and what about my non-itunes media? The hard drive size is a bit small too – considering a single movie can be several gigs in size.

Crafty folks have gotten iTV to boot on a MacBook:

It seems that some brilliant folks have determined a way to upgrade the hard, and the ability to run divx files. So, is there any hope for upgrading the HD output to 1080? I will keep my eyes out, and this may be the straw that broke my self-control (2 out of 3 addressed – play any files, upgraded hard drive and only lacking on the HD output).

If anyone has any new upgrades or mods, please add them below. I will update this post as I find new information.

One thing that would be incredible and maybe really enhance the experience would be to place the appletv os on a mac mini.  Greater drive size, more horsepower, better graphics card (?), better expandability… albeit more expensive.



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