Techie Update

Rarely has there been time to play with toys, but there are a few that I have my eyes on.

First off – I LOVE NYC. In this case I love REGAL CINEMAS. They have introduced a “Regal Guest Response System” where you may click a button and summon a company bouncer. Perfect for parents who don’t realize being a parent means taking care of the child – a rated R movie at 10pm does not qualify, or those annoying individuals who bring burritos into the establishment.

Second – Microsoft introduced something called Surface. Really cool technology, and I am glad it is in production. I do not buy their timeline on how it was developed, because I recall seeing demonstrations by non-Microsoft persons with this same tech. As I said, happy it is out and welcome the shift.

Google Developer’s Day just “completed” and announced Gears!  Offline access to your wonderful online applications.   It is an open source API, so this means ALL web applications can be made available offline with a bit of programming magic.  Be aware this is still in beta, but probably pretty rock solid as other Google launched applications.  (Gmail, Reader, etc…)  Here is a nice review

Finally – I started this post off with toys, and none better than Blizzard’s long awaited STARCRAFT II. Looks like it is finally time to upgrade to some rocking hardware (vista won’t make me upgrade, but Blizzard gets my vote)!




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Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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