Copy Blackberry Phonebook to SIM

Seems like a simple task, and the reverse is very simple – RIM has a “Copy all from SIM to address book”, but not the later.  So, given I have a need to place my most important numbers on a SIM to transfer them to another device I did a quick Google search, and found dozens of suggestions on how to do it.  The best is here from an actual RIM support guy.

Nonetheless, when I was trying to copy over to the SIM I discovered I did not always get the menu option to copy the contact over.  After much playing around I discovered that the CURSOR must be on the PHONE NUMBER you want to transfer before you hit the menu key.  Otherwise it will not give you the option.

So that is it…. check out the link, place the cursor on the number you want to COPY and then hit save once it refreshes.  Took a couple of hours to get the whole task done, and I hope this post will save you that fun.



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