Book Review: The Panic of 1907


Given the jitters in the market I thought it would be interesting to review prior financial panics and see if there are similarities and opportunities.  I am a firm believer in learning from prior mistakes, and as the saying goes – better to learn from someone else’s mistakes than your own.  So, with that in mind I picked up this book to continue my education on the financial markets and the events that lead up to, contribute, and the aftermath of panics.  I read the book last night – a VERY fast read.  The authors really focus on J. Morgan’s activities during the event and a focus on NYC.  Obviously this limits the breadth of the topic, while still allowing the reader to understand the events as they unfolded.  They discuss seven points of panics that I feel are logical.

Bottom Line:  I did not walk away with a plan for proceeding in the near future, but I do have an awareness of the pressures on the financial markets today.  I would recommend buying the book if you need a cursory understanding of the market, but it is not nearly detailed enough on the financial underpinnings to provide guidance in your own life.


James DeLuccia


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