Book Review: The Intelligent Investor

CLASSIC!  I have enjoyed numerous analytical books that examined the ups and downs of the market – including a random walk and then a NON-random walk down Wall Street.  Mr. Graham’s book is the defacto standard when it comes to investing – specifically value investing.

The edition I read was his final volume with commentary added by Jason Zweig.  The commentary added about 30% more content, but was very valuable.  The examples from Graham’s last edition focus on the early 70s, and while they are eerily similar in problems to our current situation the updated commentary provides an added bit of perspective.

Bottom line:  READ THIS BOOK.  It is a long read and will take a good deal of time – not only is it 548 pages long, but you will want to look up details about the companies and ideas that he presents.  Yes – I will be rereading this book in the distant future.




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