Million Dollar idea #1102: Tag Based Contact Management System

Anyone who has blogged and used WordPress knows the amazing flexibility of tagging items.  I use it extensively on many non-blog ad-ventures.  I have started several startups using such technology as a core piece, and I must say the applications seem endless.  Given I am tired of filling my notebook with ideas that I won’t have time to convert I wanted to post them, as they come to mind, and see if others would see value in it.

The header describes it pretty succinctly, but think of it this way – I was in Dallas for training at the SPSP.  The trainers were Mike Dahn, Chris Mark, and Heather Mark.  Really fantastic and experts.  I had great conversations with the attendees and we all passed information around.  So, now I have a ton of contacts without context.  Sure I can fill in notes, or use the categories functions of ‘cardscan’ (by the way this company has AWESOME support – I bought a new system and upgraded another due to my experience with them – highly recommend!), but that doesn’t give the flexibility of cross relationships.

So, how about it?  Someone want to build a ‘template’ for wordpress that can be your CMS?  Or perhaps an add-on for some of the other tools out there.

Other ideas, pass them along…

James DeLuccia

* please note, this site has primarily been an online notebook for my adventures – books; techie; and life.  I will try to add unique-ideas here, so feel free to join in!


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Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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3 Responses to Million Dollar idea #1102: Tag Based Contact Management System

  1. Craig Klein says:

    Hey! What a great idea! A contact management system based on tags. Well done!

  2. Bob the Builder says:

    Like already does?

    • Did – by the looks of it :/
      Sorry to resurrect an old thread but here I am 3 years later looking for a tag centric contact management/CRM system and I’m not finding much of anything. Have you heard of anyone else making such a thing or do you know if these telepark guys got bought out by someone else who might be making something like this? I’ve wanted such a thing for a long time and am working on implementing it in my own homebrew CRM system but I haven’t got a lot of time to work on that so it’s going to take a while to get right, meanwhile I’ve got clients who’d really like something like that right now! Anyone got anything?

      Best regards,


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