Capital Grille in Atlanta not worth it…

UPDATE:  As all my readers can see… the company that manages the Capital Grille has stepped up and replied to my disappointing experience.  I called the gentlemen back and we had a great conversation.  I detailed all the problems and he was very open to hearing the criticism and making it right.  It says a lot about an organization that 1.  Keeps an eye out for such slips in service, and 2.  Taking the time to salvage a customer.  I intend to return in a month or so to try it again – without clients, and will post my new experience.

As everyone who reads my writings knows, I travel a lot.  I eat out about 80% of my meal with clients and so have a good sense of what is terrific and not.  To give context last week I had the fortune to eat at Chops here in Atlanta, and it was great.  Service was spot on – lots of attention without feeling the table conversations being interrupted.  We were in a fairly busy part of the restaurant, but NEVER were bumped or disturbed.  In addition, the meal was perfect – timing; meat temperatures; and the bill was correct.

Needless to say Capital did not meet these tests.  The service was spotty… napkins were taken away appropriately to match the type of pants being worn by the guests, but didn’t show up for 20 minutes!  We had to flag down a waiter to get our waiter so we could order wine and the meal.  When the food finally started showing up the problems continued.  The food was not presented to all guests at once, but rather several minutes passed “because I don’t have enough hands” – never heard that before.  The steaks were not all the correct temperature, and when the bill finally came they had added someone elses’ bar tabs – almost $60 bonus.

Bottom line:  It will be a long time before I; my clients; my company; my family; and friends go to The Capital Grille in Atlanta.  Chops is a superior experience.

Happy eatting to all!  (Why no post on Chops?  Simple; this class of restaurant is supposed to be great – if they are not then it should be known to all)



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One Response to Capital Grille in Atlanta not worth it…

  1. Brian Foye says:

    I was sorrry to hear of your less than stellar experience at Capital Grille. I would like the opportunity to speak with you and make amends. Please call me at 617-480-2434 at your earliest convenience.
    Brian Foye
    Senior Vice President
    The Capital Grille

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