WD TV Adventures – in lieu of XMBC

wdfwdtvI am currently working to put in a technology to play my digital movie files.  I have a variety of formats pulled from camcorders, training seminars and .avi .mkv and .mp4 formats.  I have tested xmbc and plex and been pleasantly surprised by the capabilities; however, there is just too much management on each.  I also had a few challenges with plex and my monitor / televisions. xmbc on an xbox is good but no HD.  So, I tried a commercial solution – the Western Digital TV device.  It is very basic – an HDMI port, 2 usb, and composite.  Here are my initial results:

It works very simply.  I have played all of the above file formats with good success.  I have 2 files that have not played correctly and I am working to discover the encoding I used to see if that is the cause of the problem.  I was even able to play the video_ts folder without problem.

Quality – all depends on the video – DivX came out grainy and avi showed artifacts

It is quiet and perfect for a home entertainment environment.  Remote is cheap but gets the job done.

Most important of all – It is WIFE APPROVED.  She was navigating in seconds and content.

Also, you can pause a movie and return to it later on.

Bottom line:  Buy it – it is worth the cash.  Careful though the device is cheap but the HDMI cable will cost at least $50 (I bought the cheapest / shortest and it works great – I have a high grade hdmi cable that I will double check, but I expect similar results and will post update).

Happy Videoing,



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