Java SDK 1.6 on OS X

Hell of an adventure I had today with my newest venture. The short story:

My user client is built on Java (1.6) and is compatible with, basically, everything. So, when after I downloaded the client and tried to launch it within Apple’s latest OS creation I was bummed to see it fail. After a bit of banging away I realized that there was an update released in September of 2008. So, I go online and begin the 136 meg download from Starbucks.

I discovered during the download this site.

The simple solution is the following:

  • If you want to have JDK 1.6 on your Mac then go to this directory:
  • /Applications/Utilities/Java/Java
    • and run “./Java\ Preferences” (without quotes)
  • drag’n’drop JAVA SE 6 to the top of the “Application list”
  • Done – that is it.

At the console type “java -version” to confirm.

Happy Javaing…

James DeLuccia


About J.D.

Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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