Book Review: Outliers


So, after seeing Malcolm Galdwell speak (basically recant his ‘Blink’ book on stage) at RSA in 2008 I was not jumping up and down for the latest works called ‘Outliers’, but when handed to me by a family member I was commited.  So – he again puts together a very readable quick book that highlights the outcome when people’s backgrounds and situations come together to impact the full outcome of ones experiences.

I am not a fan of situations predict a person, but I am a believer that our past makes who we are… those who are forced to struggle and work hard are naturally more inclined to do such in their adult lives… those who are used to being handed everything will subsequently be the same as adults.

Overall the book is a good read, and definitely one worth reading if someone hands it to you, but if you are flying across the U.S. – bring 2 books (it is really that short), and skip the last chapter.  It is a built too self fulfilling…  Nothing wrong with that – it is his book, just was a bit too razor thin focused for me.

Bottom line: Borrow it; Don’t Read it



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