Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Warning .. annoying

Anyone who has gotten the red screen on their dashboards has surely had a moment of panic and then annoyance upon discovering the lack of a “scary situation”.  My C350 had a horrendous time of flashing this light and despite almost 10 visits to the dealership (3 overnights) and a separate mechanic we did not solve the problem.  How did I solve the problem – I used my eyes… I noticed that the tires looked low at the door tire pressure specifications (the same ones the dealer and it seems every car mechanic uses for reference), and had the tires inflated 5 PSI higher.  Once I did that no problems for months…

So,  being curious I began to wonder what the solution was and found out after the TPMS started going all red screen on me.  The answer is simple:  Tire Pressure for the C-350 (and I assume other MB) should be done based on the GAS CAP levels, which ironically enough were right on par with my guesstimate.

So fear not, open the gas cap and pump those tires full of the right amount of air.  The Red Light of Death will be banished, until the seasons change severely and proper tire pressure maintenance kicks in again.  There are a dearth of online posts related to this problem, and it is good to know there is a rationale fix.

BTW – I did have my control board and one sensor replaced over the 2 years, but that never solved the problem.

Happy Motoring,


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