A Story of an iPad: Woa no Connectivity

2nd story…

So, I have several downloaded free apps and dropbox installed now.  Dropbox is great because I can easily transfer and sync files that I want to read across many computers – FANTASTIC!  So far, I can easily read my files natively in dropbox and everything is working great.  The caveat being while I am connected to wifi…

I took a trip to Buffalo New York and realized on the plane that every document in dropbox was not available w/o the wifi connection.  Totally killed my single use in one shot.  After research that evening I found an option to create favorites that are then stored locally.  Problem solved…not quite.

On the plane ride home not all the favorites loaded, and again I was stuck reading my backup backup paper book.

With a bit of testing I have now downloaded / paid for a few applications that allow me to have a file viewer on the iPad and a document viewer.  Together these make a nice combo and allow me to read offline.  In addition I downloaded Reeder for my rss feed viewing.  Simple, but not sure if it is the right one for me – yet.

Bottom line:  Buy a few apps as they make the iPad hummmmm nicely.

Dear Apple,

Please add an “Offline” descriptor for iPad applications – out 50 I reviewed I could not determine if they worked offline or not.  My only determinant was to download test and then test again with the wifi turned off.




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