Book Review: Bringing Up Girls by James Dobson

I am a firm believer to not make the mistakes of others and have love to seek out others’ perspectives and advice.  So with that mentality I picked up a few highly rated books on the subject of raising girls.  My intent is to find books that have clear advice, examples, but unfortunately that is not what I found with James Dobson’s Bringing up Girls: Practical Advice and Encouragement for Those Shaping The Next Generation of Women.

The author wrote a book prior on Raising Boys, and I imagine it must have done well for him to want to write another book.  Unfortunately it is obvious that most of the material was recycled for this book.  Clear examples are found throughout the book where examples and advice are directed to the male sex and not the female sex that the book was designed to speak to.  Another problem I have is the excessive amount of religious beliefs being pushed in the book.  I welcome all religions and firmly believe in many of the tenets, but honestly this book crossed the line.  Finally, there isn’t much material here that could help a father be a father.  Too much negativity and F.U.D. language without guidance is just a waste of time.  There were a few sections that were useful, but they do not outweigh the rest of the text.

Final Advice:  Do not buy the book.  I will post any helpful books as I come across them. 



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