St. Regis San Francisco, holy crap !!

As most know, I suffer the need to travel every week and spend a great deal of time in hotel properties.  I usually stay in Marriotts.  Why?  Well, nothing scientific – one day I stayed in one; they gave me points; I kept staying; they kept giving me points; and now they perk me with things like wifi and a smile.  They also have pretty affordable rooms.  This week however I was offered (for a competitive rate) to be placed in the St. Regis in San Francisco, and at a loss to points I said sure.

WOW.  The hotel staff from arrival to departure was amazing.  The entire staff greeted me with smiles and courtesy.  They were aware of every one and every state each traveler was in. A few examples that stand up in my mind (at 4:30am local time):

  • I had a bag so they helped me to reservation and literally handed me off to someone else (no down the hall to the right… good luck comments as usual).  That staff was clear and helpful checking me in.
  • Throughout my stay the staff was aware and quick
  • I sat at the bar and enjoyed the atmosphere and was never pushed to order, move on, or anything. They simply made sure I had what I needed and kept an eye on me (meaning if I looked they responded and were available as my needs changed.
  • The wake up call – a simple usual event (daily for most) … Upon setting it up, they asked would I like a 15 minute follow-up call – WHAT!??!  Why has no one else thought about such a thing.  Today when I was needing to get up at 3:45am local time I asked for another wake up call.  One would THINK a script would say offer 15 minute wake up reminder, but no they recognized this was for a flight and offered a 5 minute follow up call – BRILLIANT.
  • The room, room service, and small touches were impeccable.  I could go on – but needless to say, well done.

I only see ONE area where they could further improve their business .. the send off to the airport.  It is the only aspect where they do lose the ability to maintain great service.  (I took a taxi .. they do offer a wonderful car service) .. When sending off guests in the taxi I would see an opportunity to provide a card (maybe a business card or similar size) that contains a number.  Simply to say, if you have a problem or need anything on the way to the airport (forgot a bag, taxi broke down, want to do xyz), the info and capability exists.

A great stay and much appreciate the opportunity to indulge,

James DeLuccia


About J.D.

Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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