How to get ipad to backup .. on newly authorized system ..

A quick note …

I have an ipad .. 4.x iOS and trying to move to a new machine.  Well, given the itunes setup it wants to erase everytime it syncs.  I am fearful of losing my data without a backup but was unable to get a work around till now.  Here you go, it worked for me, so perhaps for you too:

  1. Ipad connects to new itunes system
  2. Do not sync to erase just cancel that.
  3. Set the sync bookmarks (or something non-impactful) on
  4. Then sync
  5. boom, it will backup and now you have a full archive of the old ipad and you can happily blow away the current install image
  6. If all else fails, restore!

(yes, the backup happens once you commit to the backup, but JUST in case…)  *Also, don’t forget to clean up your backup directory of old images, as they can get quite big!

That is all it took and now I am up to the latest OS on the new system.  A bit of a hack to have the assurance of old files and such, but … a win.




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