Banana & Egg Pancake – 2 ingredient recipe, paleo

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There is this great idea of a recipe floating around which has 2 ingredients – 1 banana and 1 or 2 eggs depending on who you speak with on the topic.  I was definitely intrigued, so I gave it a spin.

First off the ingredients I used … 1 banana (medium sized, ripe) and 1 large cage free organic egg.

I also made a few flavored pancakes w/ vanilla, cinnamon, and pumpkin spice for fun.  Best one was the original in my opinion.

So how do you make it …  Simpleish:

  1. Bowl mash with fork the banana on sides
  2. Whisk egg in center of bowl (I used a metal bowl that was cool and the banana stayed out of way till I was ready)
  3. Once whisked, started forking in the banana
  4. Mix the hell out of it
  5. Recognize this slushy mess is done once it is all mixed.  It will be very soupy and not the traditional thick batter you were expecting
  6. heat a pan at LOW to a little medium (grease pan)
  7. Spoon on the pancakes – don’t worry about thickness as it will spread out pretty easy on its own to cook uniform.  Do recognize your skill in flipping will be based on did you grease that pan and how wicked good are you at flipping
  8. Now let it cook for a good 3-4 minutes on first one (and progressively less after).  REALLY slow is ideal (read a page or 2 in a book… really WAIT)
  9. When the center is not soupy flip her over and read a page.
  10. Then plate.  You can eat hot or let it cool – tasted just fine.

Accept that these are more like crepes than pancakes, but they taste AMAZING if you like bananas.  Also the inside may be a bit softer than the edges and that is a combination of the ingredients and the speed of cooking, so if the center is a bit not cooked through keep enjoying.  [Updated: 1/3/13 7am EST – Eggs raw can be a bad idea, so keep your common sense about you!]

I would get your big griddle out a cook a few at a time.  I did 2 at a time and was definitely anxious to eat the next off the grill.

Enjoy.  In the next batch I’ll definitely increase the total yield by adding a larger banana and egg.




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3 Responses to Banana & Egg Pancake – 2 ingredient recipe, paleo

  1. zachandclem says:

    I’m definitely going to try this at breakfast!! (I don’t know about “eggs being okay eaten raw” though man, salmonella..)

  2. pcidss says:

    Awesome enjoy!! Would be interested if you add any spices (cocoa is next on my list) to mix it up.

    Yes, totally right on the raw eggs comment, updated the post.


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