Book review: Quiet


A book about introverts … and generally well praised.  I first caught this author at TED, and was intrigued.  After reading the book last week I would say I enjoyed the read, but felt a majority of the book was spent supporting the ideas that ‘introverts’ or ‘sensitive’ folks are ‘OK’.  Plenty of good examples and research highlighted.  Perhaps I went into the book not expecting a self help style, but it should be noted the style exists.

Also, the author does allow some political and and unfamiliar areas into the text.  That I feel hurt the book generally.

Broadly though, I enjoyed the book.  I would really only recommend reading the first and last two chapters.  Those encompass her philosophy (combined nicely with the online TED video).  The last two chapters are excellent in providing tactical examples, methodologies, and practices to help raise children and individually perform better – both extroverts and introverts.

I made only about 10 notes throughout the book, so definitely a Kindle appropriate title.




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Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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