Book Review: Nietzsche ‘Twilight of Idols’

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.10.47 AMAfter being told to avoid Nietzsche altogether, I have continued my ancients reading (Seneca included) with his ‘Twilight of Idols’.  I read this version that provided additional works available – translated by Walter Kaufmann.  This post was helpful in me deciding where to start + a philosophy forum I ran across – thanks to both!

Overall, I recommend reading this work from him.  He is a bit difficult to follow in some places, and I definitely needed the power of Google to check references, historians, and translate some of the words.  I would recommend reading the opening by Kaufman BEFORE reading Nietzsche’s works, as he uses phrases that don’t mean what they mean today.  In addition, he makes references – such as Spirit, that have a cross meaning across all of his lifetime works.

I read this publication in a week, so not to much of a time commitment.  I will be reading Good and Evil next.  (I would have read first, but it seems I didn’t purchase the full version, so following @BrianMcCallion advice now..

Would love any thoughts and further recommendations!



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2 Responses to Book Review: Nietzsche ‘Twilight of Idols’

  1. mfratto says:

    I’d start with a good understanding of Socrates and then Thus Spoke Zarathustra, then everything else. TSZ really lays out the core and intent of Neitzche’s thinking.

    • pcidss says:

      Thank you for the guidance on Socrates! Any particular works you would recommend? I dove head first into Seneca’s moral essays and really found them valuable.

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