Book review: Nietzsche ‘Zarathustra’

Screen Shot 2013-01-11 at 10.10.47 AMOk, Nietzsche is one crazy dude – but he has a point.  I finished my second book of his – Zarathustra.  I read this version translated by Walter Kaufmann.  I honestly had a hard time working through the first Part, but as I progressed I rapidly began to understand his ideas and vision.  What was so interesting and fun for me, is that at the end of each Part I had the following thoughts:

  • Part 1 – “WTF”
  • Part 2 – Hmmm
  • Part 3 – Wow, I get what you are saying (lots of underlines, dog ear pages) (star!)
  • Part 4 – CRAP, I gotta read Part 1 again, cause I TOTALLY get it now . (more underlines & dog ears)

So … read it.. work your way through it.  REALLY study Walter’s notes they help ground you.  I wish I found a good study on the meaning of each section .. something brief but longer than a few sentences for each section – to help really focus the reader.

Go read it.  I read it across 2 weeks at meals and on planes, pretty smooth reading after that Part 1!

Go learn,



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