Update your computer to reduce online ads and speed up your internet, if you must

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So, I am a fan with “paying” for web content with ads, but it has become a bit ridiculous with some networks (doubleclick, I am looking at you) … where the site preference has the ads loading first and content last.  To the point where the bottleneck is those ad sites. Since I am near 70% on a plane online, that is PAINFUL.  So, here is what you do … for Apple OS X systems.

  1. First backup your “hosts” file by typing “sudo cp /etc/hosts /etc/hosts.bak”
  2. Second check out this site on how to open and edit the “hosts” file, using the command “sudo nano /etc/hosts”
  3. Now you need to add the domains we are trying to prevent from calling out to the internet.  (Basically, here is how it works .. you hit a webpage it “calls” different sites to load content & ads… by editing the host file we are simply saying that “call” should stop on our machine)  Some good sources (still validate) – I used the “linux” file from hphosts
  4. Finally do a quick “gut check” (after reviewing for any nasties per LifeHacker recommendations), such as running “egrep -v ‘^|^#’ /etc/hosts |more”
  5. Almost done, copy in the entries from your “hosts.bak” into the “trusted section” in your next hosts file.

That is it .. enjoy .. and remember if things get weird, you can always revert back to the bak file!



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Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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2 Responses to Update your computer to reduce online ads and speed up your internet, if you must

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