Chocolate Banana gluten free waffles – awesometowne


How to make great tasting waffles that are paleo, gluten free, and not packed with the garbage sold in the grocery store is tough. Luckily my little lady is wide open to experimenting with me, and we had a pretty great weekend of culinary adventures.

I started with the regular Red Mill gluten free pancake mix.  Recipe is below .. (a bit fuzzy, sorry)


I then, it seems, poured too much unsweetened soy milk in so Loren and I added some almond flour to balance it back to normal.  You are aiming for a middle ground of not runny and not thick batter.

Now Loren and I skipped the oil, no need.

These were “fine”.  I ate them, she ate, score.  Honestly though they looked sad, pale, and really not pleasing (even with butter).  So, since Loren had already enjoyed a Ginger Carrot Muffin I made yesterday (which ROCKED too), I jumped into tweaking recipe.

We came up with – Chocolate Banana gluten free Bob’s Red Mill Waffles:

Holy smokes these are good and just fine cold without anything on top – yes that good by itself.

Enhanced recipe:

Keep what you did above, but this time:

  • Add a banana
  • Add dark cocoa powder

Sadly there are not measurements here .. I literally cut a banana into quarters and mashed it.  Added it to the bowl and imagined if there was enough to spread to each waffle.  I kept adding till I felt the banana would be in all the waffles (ended up being 3/4 .. Loren at the 1/4, so may have used it .. but o well).

Then add some cocoa till it mixes and looks chocolate like.

That is it.  Rock on and enjoy.  Banana flavor will be present and super moist.

Healthy eating,

James & L


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