Book Review: Nietzsche’s ‘Beyond Good and Evil’

BGEFlying all the time has its benefits – taxing!  Which is the ideal time for reading a paperback.  I just finished (yes I am 34k feet in the air at this moment) Nietzsche’s Beyond Good and Evil, and thought it was quite good.  There were a few areas I felt like he wasn’t speaking to me, but worth the read.  He definitely has a few moments where concepts-thoughts are not baked, and the translator highlights these areas.  I found those helpful (the comments) as they provided balance.

The challenge with Nietzsche I have found is that he is often selectively quoted (i.e., Hitler) out of context, and given it takes him dozens of pages (and sometimes more than that) to fully flesh out a concept .. selective soundbites are impossible.

Given this is my third major work I have finished for him, I must say it is sadly my third favorite (Zarathustra and Twilight of Idols are my favorites).  I’ll be walking away from Nietzsche for a bit to dive into to some technical literatures, but will visit these works again.

Always seek,

James DeLuccia


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