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Kentucky Bourbon trail: Buffalo Trace

We caught the 10am tour here on Saturday. The location is picturesque and holds the classic Bourbon feel (as opposed to the tourism center of Evan Williams). The tour is simple – a quick description outside of the buildings from … Continue reading

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Easter Egg decorating w/ a Sharpie!

This year’s egg decorating excitement included a sharpie with awesome results! The sharpie allowed for easy drawing of fun faces, phrases, and anything the imagination all. Method: Kinda silly even calling it a method or instruction, but here it is… Take a … Continue reading

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Kentucky Bourbon Trail

A fun trip for Bourbon tasting is to be had in Kentucky. Here are some to check out: Barton’s Bourbon – Good tour, lots of outside, and solid detail – Processing only happens in the cold months Plan tour during … Continue reading

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Lean in – Experiencing life at its maximum

How do you train for an Ironman? How do you stay healthy juggling your daughter, a full work schedule, and sharing your time with the community and friends? I hear these questions all the time and most of the time I … Continue reading

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Living Well and without Illness .. reinforced by my journey; validated by science

TED Video – Healing through Diet, Dean Ornish Live longer, healthier, achieve more happiness, and see the outstanding individual my daughter will become – sounds like an area worth study. A theme in my TED talk, text book perusal, and … Continue reading

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Places to eat in San Francisco …

Some suggestions given to me by a friend in the San Francisco area…  Since I travel a bit I get to experience global fare.  As I try these out, I’ll post any comments: If Beer is your driver then:  City … Continue reading

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