Places to eat in San Francisco …


Some suggestions given to me by a friend in the San Francisco area…  Since I travel a bit I get to experience global fare.  As I try these out, I’ll post any comments:

If Beer is your driver then: 

  • City Beer Store (open till 9 or 10) – best place for the best stuff
  • Toronado – the original US beer bar (but its very divey)
  • Monk’s Kettle – american restaurant/bar with a great selection
  • La Trappe – belgian restaurant/bar with a great belgian selection
  • Magnolia – brewery and restaurant with great food and English/SF hybrid-style beer (this is a good dinner place on its own, but if you want locally made beer it rocks)
  • Thirsty Bear – brewery and restaurant near the office. not as good or SF-ey as Magnolia, but still good

Beer-wise i’d also have to tell you about these two in Oakland:

  • Beer Revolution – a dive that closes at 10 but has the freshest, biggest selection of american craft beer in the bay
  • The Trappist – huge selection of belgians on tap

General-purpose SF restaurants:

  • Kokkari – Greek, upscale, awesome
  • Absinthe – french/med, mid-range
  • Starbelly – Cali-med / mid-range
  • Suppenkuche – German, mid-range, loud/noisy but food and beer is awesome
  • Boulevard – new american, upscale
  • NOPA – cali-med high-mid range
  • Nopalito – mex (not tex-mex), low-mid range

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