Easter Egg decorating w/ a Sharpie!

photo 2

This year’s egg decorating excitement included a sharpie with awesome results! The sharpie allowed for easy drawing of fun faces, phrases, and anything the imagination all.


Kinda silly even calling it a method or instruction, but here it is…

  1. Take a sharpie (black is what we used, but heck any color should work)
  2. Add Hard boiled egg (white or brown)
  3. Draw on egg – as much or little as you desire
  4. Color egg as normal
  5. Repeat and enjoy!

Of course the toddler hands were epic and “colored” for a day+

Happy Easter and to your adventures!



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Proficient in IT Controls, IT Security, and Risk management. My recent interests lie in the credit card security and protecting identities. This blog will reflect the past, current, and future best steps to securing data (specifically in the context of PCI DSS, and DSOP)
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