Incremental Fasting .. the journey of a triathlete

Why in the world would a triathlete fast for 18, 19, 20 hours every week?!?!? (updated 4/2/13 w/links)

That was the question I asked myself as I was training for the Ironman and got this idea in my head.  I read a ton and enjoy the research behind different approaches to improving health.  I bumped into some research from Tim Ferris (his book), then his SXSW YouTube video “hacking the human body” (while I was spinning on the trainer no less), and finally on this guy’s YouTube channel (Yuri Elkaim and video of interest).  All raised points that I felt were valid, only I wondered … Could an Ironman in training fast?  Since I didn’t know, I decided to put myself on a 5 week plan as follows:

Fast 1 day a week for 5 weeks and track my training performance, mental state, emotional state, and biomechanics during this period.  Now I don’t have hard numbers to base this “study” on, but I am using soft metrics.  I have faith in these metrics given the fixed training program I am following and the expected trajectory based on prior efforts.  I am allowing water, coffee, and tea during these fasts.

Week 1:

I made it 19 hours.  I started at 8pm Sunday night which allowed me to eat a good dinner and then sleep with food in the belly.  The day went well, but I did feel “loopy” near the end, and noticed a reduction in physical strength at the end.  I was able to easily handle a 90 minute hot yoga class 2 hours after finishing the fast, and a solid 3km swim in the morning.  No negative effects.  The positive was I did not constantly think about food all day – as a triathlete we think about food CONSTANTLY.  Kinda refreshing to just forget about it completely.

A tip to success for this first effort – I planned work calls for 8 hours solid that day.  This kept me focused not allowed for mental wandering that may weaken my disposition.

Week 2: (4/1/13)

Today I am trying to start the fast at 4pm!  Which means I am going to bed with a little feeling of hunger.  I plan to wake early 5:20 and have a yoga practice and then swim at lunch.  This schedule has me wrapping up to eat lunch with a client, so fast/work balance!

Not thrilled about the going to bed hungry part thus far, but I’ll share my progress and feelings in morning…

[updated 4/2/13] Woke up around 4am a bit hungry, but easily back to sleep.  Made it to hot yoga for 60 minutes at 5:30, and fully hydrated.  Balance felt a bit off (this is around the 15 hour mark) on some poses.  Easy turn at the shower and working with my black coffee.  Feel much stronger (mentally) than I thought I would after the yoga.

Always seeking,



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