What to do in Asheville NC



This past weekend I had the chance to visit Asheville. The trip was a bachelor party weekend, so on the surface many would question the location… but that would be a mistake.

Asheville first off is a great walking city. So, even our .5 mile walk from the house was very easy. Also, most things are within a 1 mile radius of downtown. What follows are my recommendations:

Where to stay:

Grab a house! My friends and I explored first the hotels in the area, and after pricing it out decided a house was best. AirBnB found us a perfect spot about .5 mile from downtown. There were plenty of sidewalks easy to navigate streets, so even a rowdy group of guys were easily accomodated.

I would recommend Sandra's AirBnB house, as it was huge, a bit away from any noise, and a ton of facilities. She was also very helpful on scheduling, check-in/out times, logistics with keys, fully clean and working house, and generally a great spot. She also had one of the few driveways, which was nice too.

We had 2 kitchens and made breakfast and just relaxed at the house in the mornings. Chairs would have been nice outside, but there were pretty comfortable benches on the main floor patio.

Breweries & Brewpubs

There are so many – here are my recommendations grouped first by in town, and then out of town. One point to note, the beer is super cheap compared to regular priced craft beer in other cities – so enjoy!


  • Hi-Wire – A small brewery with awesome beer. Excellent local staff with a fuseball table! (a must visit); on the outer edge of downtown, but worth the walk down the hill!
  • Burial Beer Co. – Tasty flights and only a block away from Hi-Wire! Out back there is cornhole, fuseball, and a pretty funny vending machine.
  • Greenman Brewery – Smallest of the three, but a better bar for later at night. Darts and a very different style of beer. We ended our bars here on the first night.
  • Asheville Brewing Co – We hit this bar for (beer obviously), but also some much needed pizza. Recommend the Cajun Chicken & Chorizo pie… mmm a winner.

Out of Town:

  • Wedge Brewing Company – Asheville NC – Arrive after 2pm and enjoy some afternoon along the railroad tracks and outdoors. They had 2 lines (1 for IPA, and another for all others)… also some peanuts made everything better! We walked here from the rented house after having excellent tacos at – White Duck Taco Shop (go.. don't question it)

  • Highland Brewing Company – A taxi ride away… good beer, worth the ride? A draw, but a free tour next door at Toby & Sons for whiskey/moonshine made it better.

What to avoid – lines… there are so many great places, small and around every corner that you should find a good spot and enjoy. Avoid any trendy spots. There are some good coffee shops and a few en vogue donut shops coming soon that'd be fun for morning recoveries.

I wish I could have gotten some training in, but there was just no time. The running and cycling are certainly good, but if looking for a bit of CrossFit, I would recommend CrossFit Pisgah < – stopped by on Saturday and they had good programming and a nice space. Go!

Wrap up

Go to Asheville, enjoy the craftiness and food! There were definitely places where I went that I won't recommend, so they just aren't listed as they may improve over time.


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