Cooking Chilean Sea Bass – spicy

I have been experimenting more with fish and Chilean Sea Bass being on sale, was next on the list. This fish is a moist semi flaky fish that is hard to mess up (which we could all use some forgiveness sometimes)!

My recommendation is to pair this with something spicy, flavorful, and fork worthy. I made it paleo, as that is the way I live and found it quite delicious.

The method is simple…

  1. Select a fish that is roughly 1 inch thick (sometimes when I buy fish they offer 2.5 inch thick pieces which are frustrating for me to cook given the time to finish the center). This size will make life easier.
  2. Add coconut oil to the pan, heat it to medium/high and then pan is ready… at same time preheat over to 450.
  3. Season the fish with (celtic sea) salt and pepper.
  4. For a zing tonight I added Atlanta Fire Honey (think honey but mindshattering spicy) to both sides
  5. Add to pan, flip afer 3-4 minutes… let the other side sear
  6. Then move pan to oven and let cook roughly 10 minutes (depending on thickness)… Sea Bass is fine a little longer, so I like to test it by separating in the middle.
  7. That is it .. take out; plate and enjoy!

I previously had made spaghetti squash, so that plus avocado was my second and third element to the dish

Happy Paleo cooking,




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