Daddy’s should paint their daughter’s nails

Last night I again painted my little ladies nails upon her request. We set up a newspaper to keep the mess contained, grabbed a few napkins, the important nail polish remover, a top coat, and a happy pink that she likes. We spent a good deal of time painting, correcting, and chating. Awesome. At the end we had nice nails and a sleepy bear. She actually did fall asleep waiting for them to dry.. to funny. Initially I was nervous about painting nails, but then I got over it and I am so glad. Most men/fathers though don't and I wanted to challenge that to help other's enjoy the time as I did last night.

Most men / fathers would say the following excuses:

  1. I'll make a mess
  2. I've never done it
  3. That's a girl thing

My response – those are all damn excuses with an undercurrent of fear..

Why SHOULD men / fathers paint their daughter's nails:

  1. You get to spend 20-30 minutes one-on-one with your daughter! (chating, talking about anything and everything)
  2. You can share trial and error real time – I am pretty terrible at painting nails, so we spend a lot of time cleaning up mistakes = Great lesson in my view!
  3. When it is done, both you and she are proud of the work (you painted = pride; she stayed still = pride.. ala win win)

If you never have – do it! I make a disaster with the nails, but my little lady loves it and I find the time to just be wonderful (while a bit stressful on how the nails will ultimately look!). If you need a tip on how to paint nails (it's painting, there is your tip .. start from the back go forward; repeat) – buy a fun color and a top coat, plus the MOST important – Nail Polish Remover (so underrated in this process).

Connect, enjoy, talk, and experience life together! Oh, and this little activity costs around $0.10 a time when you break it down – best money spent for quality time EVER.

Get to it,


[I am currently sharing my posts on two sites .. hoping to migrate everything to one home soon.. but for all my existing readers.. here you go! Do great]



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