Sweetwater & tributary trail running, and the fun of walking in the water!

Today I learned something … about getting your feet wet.. it should be fun, and it doesn't matter.

This morning I had the chance to run with a great friend who is an accomplished ultra runner (50k +++), and she took me on a random run through the tributaries and park of Sweetwater. Random and spontaneous is best to describe our day, and that was just fine.

To often we think running is a point to point event, and hitting each point is the goal. If that were the goal then why do it at all, since you are ignoring/hiding/blocking the 99% of the adventure itself! Today we definitely stayed in the present, enjoyed what the trail had to give us, and savor each moment. (That means checking out the flowers; meeting two random friends on the trails; learning about an adventure in Arizona by a random couple; meeting dogs, and walking through creeks & rivers).

That's right … we walked, on purpose, through water .. and then ran .. far.

This may seem like sacralidge and against the very grain of common sense, but it seems it is not. At our first creek my friend literally made no attempt to avoid the water. She stepped dead center in the water and enjoyed the cool water making her feet feel ever stronger!

I, new to this trail adventure I had begun in the winter, stood on the shore wondering what to do. Honestly looking around for a place to cross dry. As I realized she was no simply crossing but enjoying the feeling of the water, the coolness, and the connectedness … I … well, stepped in.

In my mind the general fears were racing …

  • How will I run with wet shoes?
  • Will I now get blisters?
  • Will my socks rub?
  • Am I going to be squeeshing around all day now?

All these thoughts raced through my mind until my foot entered the water. Then it was – WOW. This does feel great and I understood, this was a to be enjoyed.

The rest of the day we ran through the trails, and stepped and stood in every water we found. At one point we just started walking in the river downstream to help a few tight muscles heal. By the time we got home, our socks were soaked and shoes still wet. But we had a blast… no blisters .. no rubbing .. no problems.

So the lesson I learned today was to enjoy the present and enjoy.

A bit of note on our shoes – we were wearing Inov-8 shoes… which were more minimal trail running shoes and not classic thicker footwear. This definitely helped. I ran the first 3 months using regular shoes on the trails, and let me say – GET TRAIL shoes .. OMG, such a change in grip and those rocks suddenly are fun and not painful.

Happy trails,


/cc DD



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Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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