Google made my iPad productive, what what?!

I write .. a lot .. and often. I am working with teams deployed around the world and need to write out ideas, execution strategies, and simply just field questions that come up. I also do a ton of research and float ideas with colleagues and experts around the world using things like Google Hangouts, Skype, Google Docs, Draft, and lots of private blogs.

So .. how can all this be done on an iPad? Here is my method:

  1. Email; easy and done .. use Good App and built in Mail app
  2. Web browsing – I use Safari and Chrome. I love Chrome for the sync of open tabs from my brick MacBook Air (haha the irony)
  3. Google hangouts = awesome and productive, but why oh why can I not do a partial screen view..
  4. Blog posts = Blogsy (must have offline capability to write due to planes and travel locations not always ideal)
  5. Editorial = AMAZING text/mark up editor that syncs to DropBox when online. Lets just say BOOM here. Productivity in a huge way since there are no distractions
  6. DropBox .. see #5
  7. Google Drive, Google Docs, and Draft are perfect for collaborative writing .. need online access though which is annoying sometimes

What does #8 mean? Well, frankly, most of the time I am hesitant to try and get something done on an iPad due to a perceived limitation. The reality though is if you can do it in a browser or change your workflow, you can get a TON done. The few things I cannot get flagged for follow-up and I complete them when plugged in to the bigger system (whose keyboard feels ginormous and I kinda wish that screen was a touch screen now)

Finally, a keyboard .. I use this a Logitech keyboard on my iPad Mini and love it. We shall see how durable it is over time, but after a writing easily over 40k characters I am pretty happy.

So … Google made my iPad more awesome. Thanks universe, and Google, and Apple.





About J.D.

Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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