Trail running – Lake Tahoe, Emerald Bay

This past weekend I had the chance to visit Lake Tahoe with a good friend who enjoys the outdoors. Yesterday morning we went to Emerald Bay and ran from the parking lot, on the rubicon trail, and to the “beach”. The trail link information is here.

The trail is initially gravel for roughly .8 miles (straight down and then again straight up on the way home), becomes paved forest road, and finally wonderful single track.

A bit of fun details and thoughts:

  1. First off the views – amazing .. plenty of places for photo opps
  2. Hikers to runner ratio – A lot to 1 .. given there are two parking lots connecting the 5 miles of trails there were a good amount of day hikers
  3. No cyclists
  4. Water was available by the campground and then again at the parking lot by the “beach”
  5. Parking – very limited, be patient, spaces will open up .. also cost was $10 so be sure to have cash on hand

The area was beautiful and definitely worth a visit. The run is technical with plenty of fancy footwork, but not a lot of bouldering required. Also we enjoyed a few stops on huge rocks and lounged at the beach. We ran it in a 10:34 mile split across 11.2 miles. I think our time would have been actually faster without the photos, but what is the point of blasting through such a beautiful area? We spent roughly 2 hours “moving time”.

If you are looking for run and race ideas – check out Big Blue Adventure which was very inspirational in my run.

Take fuel and enjoy!




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