Valley Cafe, a perfect local diner between SFO and Lake Tahoe


I had the privilege to visit Lake Tahoe this weekend and wow. There is so much to do in that area – kayaking, hiking, trail running, dining, and on and on. You can see the trail run I did here at Emerald Bay. Gorgous!

The drive between LT and SFO or SJC area is roughly 4 hours and when I left at 5:30am I still hit rush hour closer to the Bay. So much so I decided a breakfast spot would be ideal where I could have a coffee, work, eat, and wait out the rougher parts of traffic. This proved perfect as I didn't waste time in traffic.

Here you can see exactly where I was on the map!


Exit – off 80 has a Starbucks, gas stations, and a few junk food areas. If you want something local and great though; exit 80 and head north (opposite of Starbucks). A short mile and change you will come to downtown and on your left is the diner. Locally owned and operated. Bonus is during the growing seasons you get some good local food.

I had tasty bacon and eggs – simple. Just what I needed and a great decor inside.


So … don't starve yourself waiting to arrive; enjoy the journey, and let the traffic evaporate! Full disclosure, I did in the end land at Starbucks as I needed to grab power for the MBA.

Hope this saves someone else time as it was pure luck I found this place.





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