Training for Ironman is hard, but it is the little things

Today I tested my training to see how a 100 miles on the bike would feel. A great ride, the Covington Century was planned on one of the few weekends I was in town and could enjoy it. Planned events are always best for the long rides (specifically the first of the season), as there is great morale support and FOOD everywhere.

This event was great. There was a threatening of rain and thunderstorms, but fortune was with us today and we only had amazing overcast and cool weather! Which is pretty outstanding for August 2nd in Georgia. Last year the ride was 103 degrees.

Here is a STRAVA view of the route (the cue sheets and details are available in the above link):

If you are training for an Ironman, I definitely recommend the following:

  1. First long ride – do it with an event and ENJOY the experience, but when you are on the saddle go go go!
  2. Events have mechanics, so if something feels wonky get it tuned (this will protect your form to keep away any repetitive poor movement injuries)
  3. Fuel as you will for your race! Will you drink the gatorade on your race? Will you eat bananas? Will you consume gus? YOU need to decide this and STICK to your plan
  4. Hydration and salt .. a separate requirement, and build a plan based on your smaller rides and see how you fared, if you started hallucinating or had to pee to much, adjust with MORE salt. See salt regiment below.
  5. Finally DON'T eat garbage after your ride – post fuel recovery is just as important. I burned 2,800 calories on the ride, so I have a lot to make up or I risk losing hard earned muscle mass. I firmly believe in clean eatting when you can, and after your ride – YOU CAN. Fuel your body so you will perform the best. Below is my basket of deliciousness:

Salt regiment:

  • 2 salt tabs Thursday
  • 2 salt tabs Friday
  • no salt tabs ride morning (given weather)
  • 3 salt tabs during ride
  • (on my Ironman last year I did the same, but on race day I had 2 and then consumed 1 an hour from bike to finish, in Louisville)

Whatever you are training for – train as you will compete, have fun, and ENJOY!

I personally have much work todo and that is all part of the fun,





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