Sydney – Day 1 of Down Under

The flight over, 24 hrs – wasn't bad! I made it through 1 week's worth of Learning Python, read roughly 70 pages split between training and 'Innovators', watched a movie, knocked out two advisory board duties, and crushed my email. Honestly I think I should fly longer stretches, the ability to focus and put quality time in is great. Though I think my writing did deteriorate after the 18th hour, so those are in Draft mode for reviewing again w/ more espresso!

I arrived at 8am local time to a rainy morning. Customs took about 45 minutes (recommend getting the chipped-passport for quicker processing to others) and an easy 15 minute taxi downtown.

The hotel was gracious enough to hold my bags while I am hopping between cities, so I only need to travel with a reduced set of bags. I had roughly 2 hours to enjoy Sydney before heading back to the airport for Cairns. I had no plan, other than stretch the legs and see what Sydney had to offer.

Sydney had A LOT – especially on a quiet Sunday morning.

I found Hyde Park, which was huge, beautiful, and just gorgous. The sun was coming out, the rain was done, and foreign trees, birds, and flowers were everywhere. Highly recommend a stroll through here.

I then aimed for the Botanical Gardens, and found an underground “express way”. Which was literally super long moving sidewalk that saved me 10 minutes. (I had no idea when I entered it, but that is the point of a random walk exploration).


The Gardens were beautiful, clean, and eventually I even got to the water and could see the famed Opera House.

Honestly the best part was just hearing the animals, seeing the plants, and taking it in. The flora and fauna are sooo different!


I head back to the airport and would only have a few highlights:

  1. Hit the parks, wow
  2. Go slow, you are not there to see anything but be a part of it
  3. Sitting up front in a taxi is the norm here

Off to another adventure!





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Passionate about CrossFit, mindset, bettering each other, technology, and the intersection of cybersecurity with products. The online views and posts represent my journey of discovery and learning.
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