Diary in Cairns

Nov 16, 2014: Cairns is a more friendly and relaxed Miami… and much smaller. The sun is hot, everyone is outside enjoying the weather, and it is super kid friendly. So, maybe less Miami and just better.

Given the ocean current and jelly fish problems, there is actually a huge (half a football field size I think) water area that is about knee deep. It has a little beach, a huge lawn, and there is tons of room for everyone. When I got the pier/ocean area this is the first thing I saw and well into the night it was a popular area. Definitely worth an hour or more of your time to just relax in the sun.

Restaurants and shopping are classic beach area prices and selection. If you can, buy your stuff pretty far from the beach.

What most impressed me was the water – the strength of the current and the bats. Yes, bats. At sunset, which was beautiful and very long, the sky began to fill with bats. They were coming from the mountains behind the town, and wow. I have never seen such bats. They looked like flying squirrels compared to what we have in the States.

For dinner I ate at Pho Viet. It was good, though the chicken wasn't the best cuts. Good tasting though. I had ambitions of going to “Coopers” which is a nice spot on the pier, but it was a concert + tequila event .. and well, I was #1 definitely under dressed and #2 it was quite pricey. Maybe in a group, but solo it wasn't the meal for me.

Tomorrow I scuba on the Great Barrier Reef. I have dreamed of this for ages. I am hesitantly anxious excited nervous and thrilled all at once.

Oh, and hitting the hay early 9:30pm … surprised I made it 12 hours on my feet! Good night Sunday.



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