Arriving in Melbourne and scurrying off to the Grampains!

Nov 22, 2014: Today I arrive in Melbourne and the plan is to drive to the Grampians National Park. The maps and descriptions promise gorgeous mountains, views, and rich wildlife.

“Planned itinerary”

Not really planned per se, but an idea of directionally where I want to go and some earmarks on what to see. There is just so much awesome all around! I should add I DO plan on avoiding any snakes, as I have been warned twice that I am at risk to this due to the time of year, temp, and areas I’ll be bush-trail-running (as I have just made it while sitting at a cafe here at the Sydney airport):

Day 1

  1. Rental car out of Melbourne
  2. Take A8 to National Park
  3. Stop at Ballarat for some fuel, coffee (roughly 90 miles out of Melbourne) with described very Victorian architecture due to the gold rush
  4. Head to Halls Gap to orient myself, check out any visitor centers (for a trail map!)
  5. Then aim to stop at or run to: Boroka Lookout, Aboriginal Paintings, and Mt. Difficult
  6. I’ll be driving south, so on my way down to Warrnambool (where I short notice booked a spot) I’ll try and stop and enjoy the views of Cathedral Rock, Mt. William and through to Dunkeld
  7. Sleep over in Warrnambool

Day 2

  1. Drive along ocean road!
  2. See Loch Ard Gorge, 12 Apostles (maybe do a hellicopter ride), Gibsons Steps (right after the 12 apostles)
  3. Koala Bear sighting hopes at – Cape Otway Lightstation, Kennett River (Turn off the Great Ocean Road at Kennett River and then immediately turn into Grey River Road. After one to two kilometres along the road you will be almost guaranteed to spot koalas in the gum trees.)
  4. Head to Melbourne


The Day 2 is anticipated to take 6 hours to drive it and then I’ll meet a colleague for dinner and planning of work for the workweek.







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