Great Walk of New Zealand: Mt. Ngauruhoe & Mt Tongariro ultra running (full circuit ~ 45km)

New Zealand has 9 defined “great walks” that cover beautiful areas across the country’s two islands. These are each recommended for 2-5 days a piece. I got the idea to run 1 of them in a day. I was inspired, that this was possible, upon discovering of a group doing all 9 in 9 days. Let me share though that I did not randomly decide to do this run – which ended up being 48 kilometers across 10 hours unsupported in some pretty extreme winter conditions. I just recently ran the Grand Canyon in the U.S. (Rim to Rim to Rim) which was 45 miles in a day; I completed an Ironman the month prior, and I train heavily with CrossFit 6 times a week + add a few other disciplines during the week. This is not a run to be taken lightly and you must physically prepare as well as have the right gear. You are alone out there, that is the point. So act responsibly, respect the area, and the mountains.

It took me a while to gather enough info to be comfortable, and so I am sharing these links to help others in planning their trips to hike it, or even possibly to run it too.

Great Walk of New Zealand: Mt. Ngauruhoe & Mt Tongariro ultra running (full circuit ~ 45km) links that were helpful:

General Info (first stop):


Other maps/general details:


Shuttle service if interested in just Alpine Crossing:

Video of crazy coconuts running all 9 Great Walks in 9 days (World record holders as of Nov 20th 2014!!):

Great Barrier reef:

The following websites were helpful to me in planning my Great Barrier Reef adventure:



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