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Trying to raise money? Here are real world examples for you from – AVC

Read this article and felt it was very helpful clarifying when startups should pursue funds and what each round means to you. The end is gold in my opinion where they breakout where recent startups converted to these rounds. As … Continue reading

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How to bypass RSA-Certificate forced verification in SSH when testing multiple accounts

An annoyance, though good in principal, is when you try to access servers remotely using SSH and your certificates are all mucked up.  Meaning that you are trying credentials with one user (which has a paired certificate) on system A, … Continue reading

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Java SDK 1.6 on OS X

Hell of an adventure I had today with my newest venture. The short story: My user client is built on Java (1.6) and is compatible with, basically, everything. So, when after I downloaded the client and tried to launch it … Continue reading

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