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DIY: Patching Sheetrock

I own my home – which means I have to do handiwork.  A neighbor had a pipe problem and ruined a part of my wall, so I had to cut out a hole about 6×3 feet in the sheetrock.  I … Continue reading

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Tire Pressure Monitoring System: Warning .. annoying

Anyone who has gotten the red screen on their dashboards has surely had a moment of panic and then annoyance upon discovering the lack of a “scary situation”.  My C350 had a horrendous time of flashing this light and despite … Continue reading

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Photoshop Magic: Erasing Telephone Poles

The other day a family member mentioned they were trying to fix a photo.  Basically the photo was of a beautiful landscape but there was a huge telephone pole in the middle + 5 dark telephone lines going across the … Continue reading

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